WordCamp USA 2016 Trip Itinerary

I started to feel that my blog is slowly becoming a “WordCamp travel” blog!

So the next trip to a WordCamp is going to be WordCamp US 2016.

The exciting part of this journey is, I will be volunteering at the WordCamp US. While I have been an organizer at local WordCamp Pune and also active in local Pune WordPress meetup group, I haven’t contributed to a foreign WordCamp as a volunteer till now.

I hope the experience I will get from volunteering activity will help me back home when we plan bigger WordCamps in India. ?


This is my smallest US tour. Maybe WordCamp US should try a new venue every year. I did not find a reason to plan for a longer trip!

  • 28 Nov – Reach NY early morning. 6AM. Day program not decided.
  • 29 Nov – Not decided
  • 30 Nov – Reach Philly in the afternoon.
  • 01 Dec – Post Status Publish event. In the evening, WordCamp US volunteer meet.
  • 02 Dec – WordCamp US – Day 1
  • 03 Dec – WordCamp US – Day 2
  • 04 Dec – WordCamp US – Contributors Day
  • 05 Dec – Leaving Philly. Reach NY. Evening flight back to India.

Yep. This time I did not keep the hotel checkout on contributors day. So I hope to attend contributors day entirely.
I will be traveling with Vivek Jain (my business partner) and Harshad Mane (my friend who was one of WordCamp Nashik organizer).

Let’s Catch up!

If you are coming to WordCamp US, we can catch up in Philly!

We have plenty of free time in New York on Nov 28 and 29. So we can catch up in NY/NJ as well.?

I already have the plan to attend PressNomics 5. So if we can’t meet on this trip, may be we can catchup at PressNomics in April 2017 later.
Cya! ?


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