WordCamp Nashik 2016 Diary

Nashik is close to where I live. Also, I have many friends in Nashik. So going to WordCamp Nashik was planned well in advance!
I traveled with my family and reached a day earlier. I booked conference hotel for our stay, which was an excellent idea. I could meet and socialize with other attendees on event’s previous night as well as after-afterparty.
There are many things that WordCamp Nashik did very well. I will try to list down few of them below.

Community Bar

They have this beautiful wallpaper with QR codes to WordPress meetup groups in different Indian cities. I loved the way they were promoting WordPress in other cities.
I wish every WordCamp to have a poster like this where WordCamp meetup groups from other cities are promoted.

Youngest Attendee

This 12-year old boy Abhirup Kumar was the youngest participant. The fact that he was attending all alone makes it more interesting. Unlike many kids who attend WordCamp with their parents, he attended it alone like a pro-WordCamper and participated in many discussions.
Every time I meet somebody like him, my faith in WordPress ecosystem’s future gets multiplied!


Napuu (Nashik’s Wapuu) was very well placed in an area which led to the only entrance to the auditorium. Like almost every attendee, we also clicked many pictures with Wapuu.

But my fav is Alex playing with Napuu.

Thanks Bigul for all pics. 🙂


There were some great sessions. I missed few sessions as I was busy in hallway track, but I am sure WordCamp Nashik team will make sure to post on videos on WordPress.TV. They had pro video recording team on the venue!
A session I will remember for long was by Hari Shanker. He covered how many startups who were launched on WordPress. I was surprisingly nice to know that Groupon was initially launched on WordPress!
I was positively surprised to know that a giant like Groupon was initially launched on WordPress!

Organiser Team

Be it registration or food, the queues were way too short which easily showcased the amount of efforts WC Nashik team had put into the events.
And oh yes Wifi! They got Wifi also right. Good Wifi is totally unexpected at a WordCamp in India.
As a WordCamp Pune organizer, I have a lot to learn (and copy) from them. ?

See you soon at some other WordCamp! ?


4 responses to “WordCamp Nashik 2016 Diary”

  1. Thanks Rahul for all these words about WordCamp Nashik 2016. As one of the organizer, I like to thank on behalf of all members of organizing team and look forward to meet at different WordCamps and other events.
    Community Bar QR Code design reflects the intention of the organizing team of #WCNashik.
    Once again, thanks for visiting Nashik and sharing your knowledge and thoughts with the community members.

    1. rahul286 Avatar

      Community Bar QR Code design reflects the intention of the organizing team of #WCNashik.

      The intention to help others by stretching yourself is what makes WordCamp Nashik is one of my favorite WordCamp! 🙂

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