Hello world! Again!!

After blogging on technology for 8+ years and developing on WordPress for 7+ years, I finally got time to build my personal site. 🙂

This domain rahul286.com was registered on 24 May 2010. More than 4 years ago!

Currently I wish to put up following on this site:

  1. Links to my works, profiles, sites, etc. i.e. links about me
  2. Some “non-technical” notes/blog entries. (Technical stuff will be posted on Devils’ Workshop or rtCamp.)
  3. Webpages I like to archive.
  4. Quotes that inspires me.
  5. My wallpapers and ringtones collections. I have very few of them but they often gets lost as I switch between devices.

I don’t have much, when it comes to non-technical stuff. Atleast not much to post publicly! 😉

Then why I’am building this site?

Many times, I bump into people who like to know more about me. I guess credit for curiosity goes to my overly exaggerated AdSense earnings!

I just wanted a place where I can post few things about me. Atleast a place to answer FAQ about me! And a place to post non-technical stuff/notes. I guess this site will serve the purpose.

Why not WordPress?

This site is a simple static site (blog + pages). WordPress would have been natural choice for this site but I am spoiled by markdown and I don’t enjoy writing in markdown in WordPress.

In fact I realize that I no longer enjoy writing in WordPress post-editor at all. Alongwith markdown, I developed liking for offline editing, git and desktop text-editors (atom is my current favorite).

For me, this is NOT “static site generators” v/s “wordpress”. With proper caching and config, Nginx can serve WordPress pages as fast as it (Nginx) can serve static sites! I also don’t feel overloaded by WordPress site maintenance or security issues either, thanks to EasyEngine.

It’s just that I am enjoying “markdown + git + offline editing” over “WordPress”!

What is this then?

As you can notice in sidebar-footer, this site is powered by Hugo – a static site generator written in Go Language.

I tried many static sites generators from staticgen.com and this worked for me. Atleast today. The beautiful part about static site generators is, if I like another one later on, I can switch to it without much work!

I will post my tutorials on Hugo soon! Till then, you can analyze source code for this site at github! Yep, this site in open-source.