1. Devils’ Workshop – Technical blog which gave me my first identity on Internet and helped me explore WordPress and PHP.
  2. Orkutfeeds – My first successful experiment which received more than 1 million daily hits at it’s peak. As always, I failed to monetize it.
  3. rtCamp – WordPress services, products & consultancy company I founded back in 2009.

Once inside rtCamp, all my work has been part of rtCamp. I am specifically proud of following stuff, I contributed to in rtCamp.

  1. rtMedia – This projects is as old as rtCamp! We started it with different name. Idea behind this project is even older. I wanted to build it back in late 2007 for my college. Much before BuddyPress became part of Automattic.
  2. rtSocial – This is very small but almost abandoned project as of now. I love it because its fastest social media sharing plugin with share-counts!
  3. EasyEngine – This is also one of oldest project at rtCamp. Earlier it was implemented in php-cli with 2-3 commands only. I love this project because its helping many not-so-techie WordPress site owners enjoy power of Nginx.